Monday, 21 December 2015

Seasons greetings from this unseasonably warm UK

Just a short post to both thank my clients during the last year, and for those who have noticed a lack of recent postings to assure you I am still alive.
First the thanks. After two and a half years it is good to know that there is demand for an independent analyst. As the majority of my engagements have been under very restrictive NDAs, I must be careful who I name, but you know who you are and I thank you for your business. Two I can name are Capita and AIIM both of whom have indulged my passion for Data Protection and the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation in particular.
Second my focus for research and consultancy in 2016. GDPR will I believe stay top of my list, as part of the Information Management stream. In addition, despite the UK appearing to give up on renewable energy from photo-voltaic sources (solar panels), I will still be doing a lot of work on market sizing, pricing and sustainable business models, both for the UK and across Europe.
So seasons greetings to all, and all the best for 2016.

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