Friday, 4 September 2015

Update and musings

Apologies to all that I haven't been tweeting or blogging much in the last couple of months (I know you have(n't) missed me) - sadly one AR person asked was I still working!
With a number of colleagues msmd advisors has been undertaking significant number crunching around renewable energy (particularly PV - photo-voltaic) for a variety of clients. 'Top and bottom' - expect lively debate about PV in the next term of the UK parliament.
Back to the 'day job', the EU General Data Protection Directive (#GDPR) will be the focus for the autumn. Speaking for AIIM on 24 Sept (  and at a Capita conference in November. Again this could be interesting politically in the next year.
If any of the above topics have 'stimulated' your interest, check out the contact page of the msmd advisors website.

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