Thursday, 26 September 2013

Work and Play on the same page

As readers will know from my profile, I am a trainee guard on the North York Moors Railway. Whilst a heritage line and labour of love for volunteers like myself, it still has to pay bills for the likes of coal etc.
One 'nice little earner' is using the railway for photo and film shoots, the most recent being for the fashion house Ted Baker.
The trains are normally completely divorced from my analyst role and day time work, so imagine my surprise/delight to see an advert including a shot from the shoot on a page of the irreverent online rag TheRegister - totally distracted me (the train shot, not the model).

If you are into stylish clothes, and looking at the attendees at this week's Oracle Open World that doesn't apply to many in the IT fraternity, the full set can be found on the Ted Baker blog.

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