Monday, 11 February 2013

Data mining goes mainstream - mark your diaries

26 March, London, the UK Symposium on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 2013, organised by BCS SGAI, the Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence. Very flattered and almost intimidated to be invited to add an analyst's view to the speakers.
Here's the abstract;
"The emergence of in memory databases, notably for businesses the announcement in January 2013 that HANA now underpins the SAP Business Suite (and by the time of UKKDD 2013 expect Oracle to have offered something similar), illustrates that data mining capabilities are moving from the ‘interesting, and nice to have’ categories, to potential business differentiators. In this presentation Mike will look at the potential adoption and benefits of in memory databases, and describe why he believes that Data Scientist is going to be the next big role within business information management."
Expect some challenging debate.

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