Friday, 9 November 2012

Cloud-in-a-box? Why wouldn’t you?

Interesting briefing this morning with the UK arm of technology solutions provider Avnet and HP. It was around a product labelled ‘Cloud-in-a-box’, whose purpose is to give organisations the capability to cost effectively develop and test applications in a controlled environment.
Given current economic constraints, we have demands for faster development and roll-out of enterprise applications which are ‘right first time’. This combined with the increasingly pervasive nature of internet accessibility, and the devices that can be used, means that cloud deployment is becoming the implementation route of choice for organisations of all sizes and complexions.

But rapid/agile development always comes with a level of risk, not least in that test environments are often ‘second-hand’ servers, ‘under the desk’ with limited controls, measurement or management. This situation frequently arises because putting together a business case for a controlled IT test environment can be quite nebulous.
The CIAB proposition is for Avnet, through it's partner network, to deliver a preconfigured HP BladeSystem Matrix, with appropriate RAM, discs, a network switch, and HP’s Quality Center test management tools for measurement and quality assurance. All provided on a subscription model, avoiding the capex issue.

As a former IT director, who ‘knew’ that many of his developers, and even network managers, were trying to, (and had to), develop production ready applications on ‘under the desk’ equipment, the concept of the Avnet and HP CIAB is a no-brainer.
I will be writing in more detail about the appliance in the next week, however I would recommend those current and potential Avnet partners, whose interest I have raised, to attend Avnet’s webinar on 28 November

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