Thursday, 30 August 2012

QlikTech wins with views at London 2012

As I wake bleary eyed from watching another spectacular opening ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic stadium, this for the start of the Paralympics  I have been reflecting on how much technology goes into, and around, the two sets of games. Alongside the go-faster swim suits, the blade-like prosthetics of Oscar Pistorius, the games management system, there are the on screen graphics used by the TV broadcasters, and the multiple streaming channels across the internet. Furthermore it is good to see that UK broadcaster of the Paralympic Games Channel 4, has pulled out all the stops for accessibilty on its website.
One the external 'associated' bit of cleverness that caught my eye, and became the basis for some highly charged (armchair) debates on athletics in the Davis household, was the  QlikTech Global Games App. (I am assuming that QlikTech was not allowed to use the term Olympic as that is heaviliy copyrighted throughout the ganes).  This promotional site illustrates the capabilities of the company's QlikView Business Intelligence product and the visualisation that it offers.
The App which includes a raft of historical detail enables the user to pivot and visualise data from all Olympic games in the last century.
Besides showing that the USA wins a lot of medals (QlikTech is NASDAQ: QLIK, but I don't there is bias) I personally think the site is a good way of illustrating to those who still believe BI is all about reports with numbers and tables, some of visualisations that are now available for business data.
QlikTech has undertaken similar exercises at previous Olympics and Winter Olympics, and given that this years is the biggest ever, and I have a son who plays a mean game of boccia, I am really looking forward to a site on the Paralympics.

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